Ambit issue 225 on sale now

Ambit is a London-based 96 page literary magazine that features poetry, prose and art. Issue 223 is now on sale and features:

Poetry from: Agatha Abu Shehab, Liz Berry, Charlotte Buckley, Niall Campbell, Mary-Jean Chan, Eduardo C. Corral, Francine Elena, Jane Houston, Kris Johnson, Madeleine Kruhly, Abdellatif Laabi, Chris McCabe, Constantin Preda, Jacqueline Saphra, Jane Satterfield, Andrew Sclater

Prose from: Martin Bax, Chris Campanioni, James Lawrie, Catherine McNamara, Alix Nathan, Neil Rathmell, John Saul, Chris Vaughan

Art from: Katherine Bradford, Rob Branigan, Rachael Champion, Marie D’Elbee, Leah Fusco, Julio Galeote, Mark Gibson, Alec Kronacker, Hannah Levy, Rebecca Loweth, Ankia Meier, Emily Mitchell, Matthew Palladino, Yutaka Sone

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View our online video for issue 225 – Titanic by Katherine Bradford

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