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Back Issues

The first Ambit appeared on magazine racks and bookshelves in the summer of 1959. Since then we’ve produced over 200 issues featuring some of the 20th century’s greatest writers and artists.

Past contributors include: Fleur Adock, JG Ballard, Liz Berry, Sir Peter Blake, Kate Boxer, Edwin Brock, Judy Brown, William Burroughs, Carol Ann Duffy, Mike Foreman, David Gaffney, David Hockney, Anne Howeson, Andrzej Klimowski, Jonathan Lethem, Deborah Levy, Chris Orr, Eduardo Paolozzi, Chris Pig, Clare Pollard, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Sam Riviere, Lee Rourke, Ralph Steadman, Ron Sandford, Carole Satyamurti, Posy Simmonds, Joan Jobe Smith, George Szirtes, HP Tinker, Fred Voss.

Ambit sells back issues from across the 50 years that we have been publishing. This includes everything from early rarities to the recent double-length issue 200. Prices start from £8.

We’ve created a spreadsheet that lists all of the writers and artists who have appeared in issues 151-200. We have two catalogues, one that contains the same information for issues 1-100, and one that deals with 101-150. We still have many copies of these two books. You can enquire after them by e-mailing

Spreadsheet of contributors – issues 151-200

Some back issues are rare or even out of print, so if you want an issue from the early seventies and we only have a few copies left, that’ll be more expensive than the issue-before-last, which we still have in abundance. The last four issues are charged at our regular price. Older archived issues vary between £10 and £25 depending on rarity.